CUBA: A CURRENT AFFAIR 1998 Pop-up Gallery

Shannon’s photographic collaged images discuss the social and cultural setting in Cuba in late 90’s. The monochromatic surrounds discuss the rigidness of the political control at that time and the idea that socialism’s attempt to create equality for all. The contrasting colour elements explore the social and cultural elements in cuban society that really define the beauty of the cuban spirit and culture.



The exhibition A Current Affair was Vancouver’s first Pop-up style exhibitions. It took place in an old dairy building near Granville and 6th ave ( which has since been destroyed) in 1998. The idea of having in a non-conforming location was a conscious choice for several reasons. We wanted the experience of the space to help connect the viewers to the work and we also wanted to push past the idea of artwork needing to be isolated in a clean white space. Three artists ( Alexandra Cram, Claudia Katz and Myself) were involved in the exhibit which lasted for one month. Along with the artworks, an installation room was built ( see below) and a tv played cuban television recordings.

PRESS: The Courier,  Radio Interview on CBC North by Northwest, TV interview Latino Soy 1998