Shannon Mendes

Shannon has been apart of Vancouver's creative community as a photographic artist since the late 90's; creating visual stories that explore the social manifestations that deepen communities. Her work includes one of Vancouver's first pop-up exhibits chronicling social life in communist Cuba, an installation exploring transit's ability to connect people through public social spaces, and a community engagement piece for the South HillNeighbourhood House.

In 2012, Shannon initiated a career transition from photographic arts into the art of designing with nature. Today, Shannon runs a design firm that is focused on Ecological Landscape Design. She has a BFA and a diploma in Organic Land Care, a certificate in Permaculture Design from UBC and is super passionate about soil. With integrity for ecology & community, Shannon continues to beautify the city.


Featured, Donec Nec Justo, 2015
Winner, Fusce Odio Velit, 2014
Winner, Non Nisl at Mauris, 2014

Noted Design Clients

Scelerisque Management